The Bill McCarthy Boy Scout Scholarship Fund

The Bill McCarthy Boy Scout Scholarship Fund was established to assist first-year male college students who are or have been a Boy Scout, having belonged to a troop in the Tuslaw (School) District, and who have attained at least the rank of a First Class Scout, and who ranks at least among the highest 10 boys in his graduating high school class. Renewable: NO

Bill McCarthy Boy Scouts Scholarship Fund
Boy Scouts
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you or were you a member of a Boy Scout Troop in the Tuslaw School District?
  2. Please specify your Boy Scout Troop #, number of years in scouting and scout leader.
  3. Have you attained the rank of at least a First Class Scout?
  4. Please specify your highest rank earned in Boy Scouts and year it was earned.
  5. Are you currently active in scouting?
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